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The Integra Pro™ HKV-10 LCD Drawer provides an easy solution for total network management. It also provides an opportunity to control up to 16 servers with built-in LCD console (15″ LCD monitor, keyboard and touch pad). Instead of connecting a bulky keyboard, monitors, and mouse to your KVM Switch, simply use the space-saving and convenient Integra Pro™ HKV-10.

Its compact, sleek profile keeps your server room looking neat and presentable-a plus if your customers and clients tour your facilities. With KVM switches, the Integra Pro™ HKV-10 streamlines server management and saves precious rack cabinet space while offering the most efficient way to control multiple computers. Just pull the console drawer out, flip the LCD cover and you are ready to work.

◆ Touch pad with simulated wheel control.
◆ The benefits of Modularized KVM Switch Design:
1. Integra KVM switch modules are available for PS/2, USB, or Sun interface with 8-or 16-port.
2. Manages computers with PS/2, USB, or Sun interface.
3. Adjustable rack depths from 50 cm/20 inches upwards (utilizing appropriate Rear Bracket & Extension kit).
4. KVM Switches with built-in via IP modules are available.
5. Optional Built-in -48V/-24V Power Modules.
6. AC Power redundant modules are available.
◆ Flip-open LCD panel supports resolution 1024 x 768.
◆ Standard 19″ 1U rack drawer.
◆ Ergonomic hand rest design.
◆ Locking mechanism locks the drawer when pulled out, pushed in, or folded down.
◆ Full 105 key, low-profile, sturdy keyboard included.

LCD Panel LCD size
Active display area (mm)2
304.1 x 228.1
Pixel pitch (mm)
0.297 (H) x 0.297 (V)
1024 x 768
Brightness (cd/m2)
Contrast ratio
500 : 1
Viewing angle
User control
OSD Control (auto saving)
Connector for KVM module


AC100V~AC240V Universal Switching Power with DC12V, 4.0A Output

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